Modeling and Simulation

Professional Development Program:

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) is an advanced process that allows analysis of data to assess designs, improve processes, and make critical business decisions. M&S apprentices work and learn in every stage of M&S study, including conceptual modeling, software development, technical artistry and animation, data collection, simulation construction and output analysis. M&S apprentices design and build computer simulations, identify problems and improve operations in a real-world environment. M&S apprentices participate in a 3-year rotation plan where they learn to apply innovative simulation practices in the area of ship construction and Research & Development projects.

Trade Related Education Courses (TREC)

E061 Introduction to Modeling and Simulation 45 Hours 3 Credits

E062 Modeling and Simulation Applied 90 Hours 4 Credits

About Advanced Programs

Apprentices selected for the Advanced Optional Programs will spend about two years on the waterfront and the remainder of the apprenticeship in the optional program for which they are selected. Criteria for selection include academic grades, craft performance, attendance, personal interest, and aptitude for the work.