Nuclear Test Technician

Professional Development Program:

Nuclear Test Technicians (NTTs) perform an important role in the new construction and overhaul of naval nuclear ships. The NTT functions as the on-site representative of the Shift Test Engineer (STE) to oversee all elements of reactor plant testing, mechanical and electrical, as well as to coordinate testing with Trades, Inspection, Radiological Control, and Navy personnel. NTT apprentices participate in a 3-year rotation plan that provides a variety of experience across various shipboard platforms as well as in procedure writing, planning, technical support and nuclear engineering training groups. NTT apprentices complete the program in an excellent position to enter the STE Qualification Program.

About Advanced Programs

Apprentices selected for the Advanced Optional Programs will spend about two years on the waterfront and the remainder of the apprenticeship in the optional program for which they are selected. Criteria for selection include academic grades, craft performance, attendance, personal interest, and aptitude for the work.