Supply Chain Management

Professional Development Program:

Supply Chain Management (SCM) apprentices will spend time in procurement groups where they will be tasked with developing and managing purchase orders as well as building relationships with suppliers for both Navy contract work and purchasing for various areas in the company (Operations, Facilities and Maintenance, Construction, Manufacturing, etc.). Apprentices will also gain experience in the compliance office where they will focus on Purchasing, Property and Material Management, Accounting Systems. SCM Apprentices will also learn about the storage and movement of material, and the practices, procedures and requirements associated with material management. This experience is gained by job rotations in various shipyard warehouses, storage facilities and working very closely with the company’s transportation department. Apprentices complete this program as Procurement Analysts or Subcontracts Administrators.

About Advanced Programs

Apprentices selected for the Advanced Optional Programs will spend about two years on the waterfront and the remainder of the apprenticeship in the optional program for which they are selected. Criteria for selection include academic grades, craft performance, attendance, personal interest, and aptitude for the work.