Welding Equipment Repair

Test, repair and maintain welding and burning equipment...

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Welding equipment repair apprentices test, troubleshoot, repair and maintain welding and burning equipment. They learn general welding principles and complete various electrical theory courses to reinforce their mechanical and electrical on-the-job training. Training includes shop maintenance and service calls to various production areas.

Trade Related Education Courses (TREC)

X311 Applied Theory I: DC Concepts 90 Hours 5 Credits

X312 Applied Theory II: AC Concepts 90 Hours 5 Credits

X313 Applied Theory III: Polyphase Systems and Controls 115 Hours 6 Credits

X316 Programmable Logic Controllers 66 Hours 2 Credits

World Class Shipbuilder Curriculum (WCSC)

The WCSC supports the entire apprentice program by providing each apprentice with the technical knowledge required for the mastery of a trade, and an opportunity to obtain an associate degree in business administration, engineering technology, or engineering. The curriculum provides the educational foundation necessary for continued growth throughout a career.